Lightweave Announces Weavcast


LIGHTWEAVE have launched their new technology, WEAVCAST.

WEAVCAST allows users to bring their Colouring In Augmented Reality creations to life on digital displays. The technology transforms existing spaces, allowing users to see their unique creations come to life and interact in a magical environment.

Designed with simplicity, convenience and adaptability in mind, WEAVCAST is as simple as Colour, Scan, Cast.

Developed to be integrated into any digital display including digital screens, TV’s and Projectors to bring your existing space to life, WEAVCAST provides an effective way to bring magic into your space.



Weavcast integrates seamlessly with your

existing technology, eliminating the need for transporting

and installing cumbersome pieces of technology.




Weavcast’s seamless integration with existing

technology means that set up time is drastically

minimised, allowing you to create magic in minutes.




Weavcast is designed to be enjoyed by all ages.

Built with simplicity in mind, Weavcast offers an extremely

user-friendly design, allows for peace-of-mind.


The technology was used at the recent QUT The Cube’s Summer Holiday Program, with over 8,000 scansWEAVCAST was a huge success.

A great addition to the LIGHTWEAVE Colouring In AR technology, WEAVCAST is available to license now.

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