At Lightweave, we believe that we can make dreams a reality through the use of ground-breaking technology.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced staff are driven by their passion for innovation and creativity. The Lightweave licensable platform enables us to use these skills to develop superior content in collaboration with our clients to deliver outstanding results.

Over 20 years combined experience
Our world leading immersive experiences aim to inspire, educate, connect and entertain. So don’t just let your dreams be dreams; let us make them a reality.

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Virtual Reality:

Make your dream a reality… A virtual reality! Immersive experiences designed exclusively for your brand.

Augmented Reality:

Make your content stand out, in more than one way. We are pioneers in creating interactive experiences superimposed with real-world environments.

New Technology:

Impossible? The word itself says, “I’m possible”. You imagine it, we create it. Using cutting-edge technologies to deliver new experiences.


Our Lightweave team is made up of the best in software engineers, 3D artists, sound designers, hardware engineers and marketing experts, here for one purpose – to bring your idea into reality.

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Playful, engaging, immersive experiences

We have a catalog of premium licensable virtual and augmented reality content, perfect for any activation. Speak with our team on 1300 411 350 or send an enquiry.

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