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Lightweave and Exceed announce cutting edge technology series called ‘District’

LIGHTWEAVE have continued their expansion into Asia with the joint venture with Exceed Sports and Entertainment out of Singapore and the announcement of ‘District’. District is the world’s greatest urban exploration race, using cutting edge technology. With the District app in your hand the city comes to life as your playground; 1 City, 2 hours, 80…

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Lightweave announced as finalists in Four Lord Mayors Business Awards categories

LIGHTWEAVE have been building a reputation as one the ‘go to’ companies and leaders in the Virtual and Augmented Reality space within Australia and proudly represent Brisbane on the world stage. The company has been busy delivering campaigns within Australia and Asia with the most recent campaign with Brisbane Festival being a huge success and…

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‘Frank’ impresses on live TV with the TODAY show

WITH Brisbane Festival in full swing, Frank has become an audience favourite with festival goers becoming familiar with the the giant pink face. The implementation of Frank for Brisbane Festival 2017 was delivered off the back of the partnership developed by Lightweave and Brisbane Festival and aligns with the Brisbane Festival Augmented Reality application. On Tuesday…

We offer location-based AR and VR for onsite consumer engagement


Licensable Collection

The Lightweave Licensable Collection is a catalogue of licensable virtual and augmented reality content ready to be rebranded and adapted to your campaign. Engage with your consumers in a way never before possible.


public users a week

We see the potential for virtual reality to be used as a phenomenal marketing tool, with immense data collection opportunities and social media outputs.

We work with brands who are trying to tell a story and show them how we can share that experience as powerfully as possible.

We supply VR and augmented reality to public spaces, with some applications seeing up to 2200 users a week.

We’re here to deliver an unforgettable experience to your audience

Engaging Experiences in VR

Immersive Sports in Virtual Reality

Superimposing the Physical World

Lightweave Licensable Collection

We have a catalogue of licensable virtual and augmented reality content ready to be rebranded and adapted to your campaign.

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Data Capture

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