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Activate your brand and reach your audience by leveraging Augmented Reality through the Weavar Suite!

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Differenciate your brand from the competition using Weavar AR Video. Embed new stories and bring your print to life!

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Create magic with your print using AR video, including booklets, brochures, business cards, posters, banners, manuals and much more!

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“[Weavar] offers obvious benefits for speed of turnaround and custom creative content whilst also reducing costs associated with the creation of custom content.”

Justin Brosnan, GroundProbe

We would strongly recommend Lightweave to any other organisation looking to push boundaries. They are a reliable and efficient business to work with and their product is nothing short of amazing.

Lyndall Theodore, Suncorp Group

Lightweave’s agility was key to our augmented reality campaign, which was delivered through a custom built app, and was integral to Brisbane Festival being a success.

Zoe White, Brisbane Festival

Project Showcase

Brisbane Festival

Brisbane festival is one of Australia's leading arts festivals. Its line up of classic and contemporary acts attracts around one million people. With the help of Weavar AR video, Brisbane festival brought their event guides to life, allowing users to view performances and events like never before.


GroundProbe is a leading supplier of end-to-end technology for the mining industry. As GroundProbe offers many robust solutions a new clean and consise way to reach their global audience was required. By integrating multi-lingual AR video into their product guides GroundProbe is able to reach and educate new audiences about their technology in rich detail through print.

Ekka Royal Queensland Show

The Royal Queensland Show, "the Ekka," welcomes an average 400,000 visitors every year. Through Augmented Reality and Weavar, the organisers, the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland have brought new stories of the country to the city through the use of AR video integrated with print posters throughout the event.



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