Dinosaurs take over Robina Town Centres for ‘Real-a-saurus’ campaign

THE September school holidays just got a whole lot more Jurassic! Robina Town Centres have collaborated with experiential agency Lightweave to bring the land of dinosaurs to life throughout shopping centres across South-East Queensland from the 17th September to 2nd October 2016.

Their ‘Real-a-saurus’ campaign will see not only giant animatronic dinosaurs scattered across shopping centres within Robina, but will also invite participants to partake in a prehistoric dinosaur virtual reality experience.

‘Dinosaur VR’ makes use of Lightweave’s unique Immersive Floor for complete engrossment in the virtual world, allowing participants to physically feel the stomp of a nearby T-rex reverberating through the floor. Lightweave’s immersive floor design is the first of its type in Australia, and was custom built by the experiential agency.

‘Real-a-saurus’ is a collaboration between Robina Town Centre, Showtime Attractions and Lightweave.

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