Hummingbird House VR for Good

In a move to bring big smiles to little faces, experiential agency Lightweave have partnered with Hummingbird House, to provide virtual reality experiences for seriously unwell children and their families.

Hummingbird House are Queensland’s only children’s hospice and provide much needed support for patients and their families. Their fundraising gala dinner was held on the 21st May, following the theme of ‘housewarming’ to acknowledge the official opening of Hummingbird House on Queensland Day.

During the Hummingbird House Gala Dinner, held at The Old Paper Store, Bowen Hills, Lightweave provided guests the ability to paint within a 3D virtual environment and to experience life within two rooms from inside the new Hummingbird House.

Using the HTC Vives, users were provided an interactive experience which allowed them paint in the dimensional space and write message to the kids within a virtual world.

Lightweave were honoured to contribute to the event for Hummingbird House, and to bring much needed joy to guests and attendees.





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