About Us


Lightweave are experiential creators.

We were built off the belief that anything is possible – with imagination, perseverance and expertise.

Our mission is to design and deliver experiences so immersive that you believe you have been there, felt it and experienced something first hand.

With a focus on building bigger, better and more engaging solutions, we have crafted Lightweave Virtual Reality Systems to provide the the complete package for our clients.

Deliver an unforgettable experience for your audience – Lightweave is the Virtual Reality partner.


“VR will have a profound effect on industries that are selling high priced items that usually need to be seen in person to be purchased. VR helps people feel present and evaluate a space or experience in a way that was only possible in person before.”

Chris Savage, CEO of Wistia

“At this point, the momentum behind virtual reality technology cannot be denied. It’s no longer a question of if it’s going mainstream but when.”

Tim Clark, SAP

“Virtual reality holds incredible promise for enterprise applications.”

J.P. Gownder, VP at Forrester Research

“Could virtual reality revitalise the economy?”

Brian Shuster, Utherverse Digital